Writing papers and presentations for graduation thesis


The presentation is usually done in Power Point and includes 7 to 20 slides. There are universities that set limits or requirements for the number of slides, but there are not many. The main thing is that the slides have graphically displayed what you will talk about in the report. And this should not be a solid text – it should be on most charts, tables or charts.

The presentation must be consistent in a single style. You can use animation when switching slides. The presentation sometimes even includes video material, but it is rather an exception to the rule.

The main rule of the presentation – the slide should be schematically displayed what is at present the language in the report, or graphs and tables, on the basis of which the report is presented with some conclusions. Naturally, great attention should be paid to the design of slides – everything must be smooth, neat and beautifully located on the slide, complemented with pictures, and there should not be large empty spaces.


The report to the thesis is a language for the defense of final qualification work in the volume of 3 – 4 letters of typewritten text (+ handouts, presentation), which contains a summary of the thesis and the main conclusions of the topic of your research you selected. You do not need to read a language, but to tell (to last for 5 to 7 minutes), to be confident.

The importance of writing a report to a thesis can not be overemphasized. At the defense of the thesis, the certification committee draws its attention, first of all, to how competently and fully you can defend (defend) your final qualifying work. None of them will redo your work.

The report has its own compulsory components:

  • greetings of the commission and voice announcement of the thesis work,
  • its relevance,
  • goal,
  • task,
  • subject and object of research
  • a brief description of what was considered in the theory
  • a little more detailed description of the research itself and the recount of the problems identified,
  • a description of the recommendations for elimination of problems discovered during the research;

The report ends with the words: “The report is complete, thank you for your attention, I am ready to answer your questions.”

If the research hypothesis was formulated at the beginning of the work (in the Introduction), at the end of the speech, indicate whether it was confirmed or not. If there was no such thing in WRC, then it’s better not to mention it. You can also mention the prospects for further research on this topic, especially if you are going to enter a magistracy or postgraduate study.

If your diploma is written correctly, writing a report will not pose any particular difficulties for you. All the main components will be present at your input and conclusion. More detailed descriptions, tables and graphs are taken from the main part.

If the diploma is not sufficiently logically verified, there are few tables and charts that do not draw clear conclusions, then they have to be done independently, based on the available in the main part of the material.