Problems of tourism

Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages should not be overlooked. What are some of the problems of tourism? Tourism is the largest growing market in the world hence it has been with problems facing it. Some of the problems are; insecurity, economic, political, social problem […]

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Media on celebrities’ lives

Nowadays, there is a controversy about whether famous personnel’s get fair treatment from the media. Various people have different views regarding this matter. Weighing the pros and cons, many individuals believe that the media group has both advantages and disadvantages to the celebrities. As a result, we will justify whether the media treat these people […]

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Car Ownership in Developing Countries

Currently, various nations are faced with a steady rise in car ownership especially in developing countries (Fujiwara & Zhang, 2013). For instance, the over growing number of vehicles on roads have tremendously increased in the last few years for many nations.  Due to this, people are encouraged people to embrace and use other forms transportation […]

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Prohibit The Sales And Consumption Of Heroine

Tobacco is a substance that encompasses nicotine. Tobacco causes numerous diseases that have adverse effects on the liver, heart and lungs. According to the investigation conducted by world health organization, about 10 percent of total deaths result from the use of tobacco. Tobacco smoking is a crucial risk for strokes, cancer due to the presence […]

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