September 30, 2016

Should Foreign Language Begin At Kindergarten?

The modern world requires people; especially young children have more than one language foreign languages. Gaining the best adverse outcomes is vital and the knowledge of foreign language aids in the concept. Various reasons exist explaining the importance of children learning the foreign language from an early age like in Kindergarten. The ability of an individual to speak more than one language constitutes the hallmarks of a cultured personality. Achieving a near-native fluency requires foreign language instructions taught to children as early as possible. Learning foreign languages ensures children develop growth intellectually, socially and professionally.  The purpose of this essay is providing reasons why foreign language should be taught to kindergarten children hence determining whether it is agreeable or not (Brumen, 2011).

New Kindergarten Cut Off Date

Considered as the backbone of society, social skills are vital for children as they grow up (Tedick & Cammarata, 2012). Through learning foreign languages, a wider cultural world becomes available to children.  Developing a greater cross-cultural awareness constitutes another social benefit from learning foreign languages from kindergarten. Learning foreign languages at kindergarten allows children to expand their minds and readily learns close to three different languages.  Such leads to the children developing more intellectually.

The mind of a child has no limits when learning new things. It becomes more interesting when learning foreign languages (Omer & Ali, 2011). The mind of a child is open to imagination, especially at a young age. Getting older, being socially culturally aware leads to the child behaving professionally. With the increase in globalization, the modern world demands bilingual and multilingual individuals. As such, foreign languages should be taught in kindergarten.  It is agreeable as the child gains more at an individual and professional level. Relevant to this essay, foreign language instruction should begin in Kindergarten.

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