September 27, 2016

Future uses of Computers

A computer is a term used to define an electronic device used for inputing,storing and processing of data and finally storing the processed data in forms of binary codes. Over the years, computers popularity has been on the increase as many fields.

With the continuous advancement in computers, different sectors are embracing their uses in vehicles, equipment operation to even machinery automation. As technology advances, computers in future will be integrated  in schools whereby students will no longer use hard copy  books to read or even write down their assignment but instead will type their assignments using the  word application and submit it via emails to their teachers for marking(Rheingold, H. (2000).

In car manufacturing, vehicles’ electronics will have GPS systems that will enable vehicles drive themselves with  no need of a physical driver. This will bring the rise of new era of self driving vehicles thus eradicating the importance of one possessing driving skills even before purchasing a vehicle.

Home appliances such as microwaves and toasters will have the ability to operate themselves and even update  their owners on the progress of  the cooking and even alert when the food being cooked is ready to be served. This will greatly  reduce cases of burnt food due to human delays(Rifkin, J. (2004).

Although it’s a huge step to the modern age, this is a potential time bomb as it will lead to dependence unto the computers to perform even the most critical tasks such as operations and transplants and will slowly eradicate the importance of human labor and decision making  thus an indicator that computers advantages and dependence will be a risky take.

2 Comments on “Future uses of Computers

Robert McLaughlin
October 18, 2016 at 4:45 am

Thanks for sharing! I think that computers are our helpers. A huge amount of daily things computers makes instead of us. And in future there will be more things that computers could do!

Steven Ross
November 4, 2016 at 10:27 am

I don’t like the idea that computers will replace humans at work. Just imagine, lots of fat lazy people who had forgotten how to do even simple things like covering their beds and so on! To my mind, it should be some kind of balance in creating new technologies comparing to manual labor.


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