September 22, 2016

Gender and Parenting: Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

Most societies associate the woman more closely with parenting duties than men. The fact that it is women who conceive breastfeeds, and nurtures an infant lends credence to this view. The fact that most men than women are likely to abscond on parenting duties does fortify this argument further. Espejo (2013) states there exists higher numbers of single mothers than fathers, but this is not a qualification that women are better parents. There are cases where children are brought up single-handedly by their fathers or grandfathers after the mother runs away. On the whole, however, a mother is usually close to a child and knows their needs and problems thus providing solutions and advice better than fathers. It would, therefore, be safe to say women are better parents than men in most circumstances.


Due to the nature of gender positioning in most societies, men are mostly the breadwinners in a family setup. The implication is a lot of time spent away from home in income generation. In extreme cases, some fathers always come home to past bedtime of their children and leave shortly after the breakfast. In such a situation, mothers are usually the closer parent. Such a relationship means the woman will be more familiar with the child thus offer better parenting. According to Pruett and Pruett (2009) women are better at emotional understanding than men. A woman is, therefore, better positioned to detect a change in mood or character of a child faster than a man. It would be fair to acknowledge that some mothers have been denied custody of children by courts of law on grounds of incompetent parenting. In summation, social and natural factors make women better parents than men.

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