September 26, 2016


Since the age of Agrarian revolution, technology has made great advances with most of it happening during the Second World War. The world over, technology has been used to turn lives around. These changes have been witnessed in several sectors such as the education, medical and research, agriculture, space science, transport, military, entertainment, just but to mention a few (Friedel, 2007).


The fact that technology has enabled many people to access more information is good. People are currently in a position of accessing any kind of specified information they need from internet sources. This has been helpful to understanding complex things without the trouble of consulting experts or voluminous books. However, the freedom technology has brought with accessing information has made some mischievous individuals to obtain sensitive material through unauthorized means (Thompson, 2013).

It is a fact that technology has brought the whole globe together. The internet, and other electronic gadgets, has made it possible for people in different locations communicate with ease. This has made the world a global village. People can easily and conveniently connect to their families from whichever part of the world they are. On the same breathe, it has encouraged criminal activities, such as cyber terrorism, with the same ease (Neustaedter, Harrison and Sellen, 2012).

Medical care, and research, has improved for better due to advances in technology (Friedel, 2007). New equipment have been invented for use on the treatment and management of previously killer diseases, like cancer, and conditions that involved untold pain and suffering. Better working medications have come to light, thanks to technology. The world of medicine is presently gearing towards epigenetic drugs and personalized treatment. Internet has also helped healthcare givers to reach their patients more easily; book appointments and even prescribe medications for mild cases. Nonetheless, weaponized medical research, capable of decimating the mankind, has been conducted (De Jong, Scherer and Rodger, 2007).

Technology, in general, has both negative and positive impacts on lives. Technology has primarily been used to improve lives but the same has also been applied to destroy it – life (Friedel, 2007). An individual’s perspective, and the application of the technology itself, is important in ascertaining the collective impact technology has had on the lives of the people as a whole.

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