September 19, 2016

Media on celebrities’ lives

Nowadays, there is a controversy about whether famous personnel’s get fair treatment from the media. Various people have different views regarding this matter. Weighing the pros and cons, many individuals believe that the media group has both advantages and disadvantages to the celebrities. As a result, we will justify whether the media treat these people in the limelight or not.


In my opinion, mass media such as newspapers, magazines and television assists the famous in many ways. To begin with, it helps in advertisement. Looking keenly at the entertainment sector, the media helps in creating awareness of the upcoming artist and mainly the celebrities. Such kind of information assists their fans keep track of their activities. For instance, Justin Beiber is a precise definition of mass media support (Ellis, 2013).

The media also creates room for self-improvement for the celebrities. As we look at the pressure of criticism, it requires personalities to work effectively to produce high standard products. It is not beneficial for the celebrities but also their audience. As the media focuses on checking each of their moves in life, the celebrities have to live a model life (Whitley, 2010). An example of such a transformation is Miley Crus. She has to learn how to behave properly.

However, media equally affect celebrities’ social lives. Scandals and rumors spread very fast concerning the famous.  As a result, they have to be extra careful in whatever they do. It is challenging as we know human is to error. In addition, the media invades in celebrities’ private life (Nobles, 2009). It is annoying that every time you make a single move, there is anonymous someone watching over you. We see bloggers doing this each day. Such steps can cause great troubles to the famous and their families as well.

All said and done; my stand on this topic still supports the media group. The media have both pros and cons of a celebrity’s life. However, comparing the number of benefits it brings about, the hitches of mass communication are inevitable. That said, people in the limelight should consistently improve themselves to make their images much better in public opinion.

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