September 21, 2016

Problems of tourism

Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages should not be overlooked. What are some of the problems of tourism?

Tourism is the largest growing market in the world hence it has been with problems facing it. Some of the problems are; insecurity, economic, political, social problem and congestion. Poor infrastructure is also a problem and poor climate change.

In tourism industry insecurity has high effect in many countries such as Kenya. Insecurity has been hindering tourist to visit those countries due to fear of al shabaab and war in some countries. Economic growth has also been affected in the fact that many hotels are closed leading to joblessness.


According to Getz,1993 ; Timothy and White,1999, some of the tourist attraction in urban face congestion problem.  Local communities are not allowed to access the area therefore feel ignored and undermined in their own homeland.

Furthermore lack of education has led to rapid growth of social problem which brought poor communication skill, misunderstanding and disagreements between tourist and citizens.

In addition, climate change has also lead to diseases in some of the countries and also in some parts of island sea levels might rise hence discouraging tourism. Melting of snow and glanciers also make it hard for tourism to climb mountains. These climate problems lead to change of time for tourist.(Daniel Scott and Christopher Lemieux, August 2009.) Poor infrastructure has also become a hindrance to tourism industry especially in rainy seasons, some parts becomes hard to reach.

In conclusion, these problems should be addressed early in order to make tourism industry good revenue for the country since they will be able to plan when to visit.

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